Sunday, September 20, 2009

.::Weekly Mailbox Freebies::. (9/13-9/19/09)

Lots of freebies, WOW!!! This week was like feminine product overload.....I had to take a seperate shot of just feminine product samples....& another of the rest of stuff I got....Check out all the fem' items, I got:

- 1 Stayfree Overnight pad w/ a $1 coupon.

- 2 new Always Flexistyle pantiliners & reg. Infinity pad w/ a $1 Q.

- 4 Serenity/Tena pantiliners.

- Being Girl sample kit: Included 1 Long Always Infinity pad, 2 Tampons, 2 thin pantiliners, 1 feminine wipe &&& a coupon for a FREE package of Always Infinity Pads (up to 18 count). I love that coupon!!!

.....And now the rest of my freebies, I also got:

- my first issue of the FREE Shape magazine subscription I earned.

- 1 Load of new Gain with Febreze laundry detergent w/ $1 coupon.

- Kashi cereal sample w/ a $2 coupon.

- 2 Hallmark card samples from Walmart.

- Coupon booklet from SC Johnson + coupon for a Free Glade Sense & Spray starter kit.

- 2 coupons for $2 off ANY Huggies product from Kimberly Klark...yay! Since they're for any Huggies product I'll be able to use them for free wipes at Walmart maybe!!! In case your wondering how I got those coupons, well, I emailed them to say how much I love Huggies diapers because they don't leak like others I've they just sent me a "thank you" note with the coupons included.... sometimes It pays to contact companies to let them know you like their products!!!

So, how did you do this week???


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