Monday, August 30, 2010

FREE Gain dish soap @ Rite Aid or Walmart

This weekends P&G insert had a coupon for $1 off any Gain dish liquid soap....use it at Rite Aid or Walmart to get the small one FREE!


I think I'm about to go crazy!!!! Why? Well, Sunday morning we bought our weekly paper and come to find out the only insert in there was the RedPlum....No SmartSource??? No P&G??? Ok, now, this is getting old...I'm soooo sad, this is NOT the first time this has happened. I have reason to believe there's a coupon "bandit" working for our local paper...>The Modesto BEE: The first time coupons went missing (If i remember correctly) was when the infamous $4 Nivea bodywash coupons were supposed to be out (essentially FREE at Walmart & several other places)...Missing in action!!! The WHOLE insert was missing!!!! Fast Forward to the week when we would be getting the BOGO M&Ms coupon (free at CVS that week).....WHOLE insert missing, and now the P&G which was supposed to have the $1 Gain dishsoap coupon...WHOLE insert me crazy, but I think there's a pattern going on.....What do you think???
I know a girl that used to work delivering papers and she said each person who had a "route" would have their stacks of papers, ads, coupon inserts and they would have to put the Paper together before delivering....I'm wondering if the person doing my area (Turlock) is keeping the "HOT" inserts??? My sister got hers in Manteca the week the M&Ms coupons were coming out and she DID get all the coupons ,so I know it's not because of regional differences, plus I have a couple co-workers who save me their inserts, so I know I was supposed to get them! I'm going to be making a phone call in the morning....hmmmm....I have to get to the bottom of this!! LOL

Saturday, August 28, 2010

FREE Del Monte Fruit Smoothies @ Safeway!

Safeway has thier Del Monte Fruit Smoothies on sale for only $1 through Sept 9th, if you were lucky enough to get the $1/1 coupon in the 8/15 SmartSource insert (I didn't), you can get those completely FREE!

*For those of us who didn't get that coupon, there's also a $1 printable coupon which will get us at least 2 FREE.... Update: No more prints available for this bricks coupon!

Friday, August 27, 2010

New Huggies Coupon!!! + Rite Aid deal (((time sensitive))) just released a coupon for $3 off any package of Huggies Pure & Natural diapers....Rite Aid has a sale this week through tomorrow only (8/28). Buy a jumbo pack of Huggies or Pull-ups, get $2+up's how to get a pack for only $1.99:

Buy one Jumbo pack of Huggies Pure&Natural $8.99

Pay $3.99+tax

Get $2 back in +Up Rewards

Final Price=$1.99!
*If you're not familiar with the Video Values, basically, You sign up and you earn Rite Aid coupons that you can combine with manufacturer coupons for greater savings, in this case you'll watch a short video (actually the Huggies commercial where the girls are checking out the baby with the jean diaper) lol....once you're done, you'll get access to the $2 adperk coupon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Be Careful while using $$/x coupons @ Target!

I know I've told a few people in person about this issue I've come across at Target, but I wanted to make sure everyone is aware next time you go to Target. I noticed ever since they updated their "system", the registers have been adjusting coupons automatically, I thought it was great that some coupons didn't beep, but I also noticed if you have a coupon for multiple items, it STILL adjusts down to the price of only ONE!! I had a coupon for $5 off any 3 Listerine products from a magazine, & the coupon only took off $2 -something (the price of one on clearance). There's even been a news article and video about it....check it out here. And what makes me mad is that the Target spokesperson said they didn't know the problem existed and she couldn't comment on whether or not Target will collect the full amount of the coupon eventhough they only deducted a portion of the value to the guest's bill.....OF COURSE THEY WILL!!!....and they'll even collect the 8¢ handling fee!!! lol

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Have a Vocalpoint account??? CHECK YOUR EMAIL....POSSIBLE FREEBIE

Are you a member of Vocalpoint??? If so, check your email an see if you have an email from them with the subject "Hey Facebook users"....Open the email and you'll see a link to their Facebook page, be sure to "Like" them on Facebook, you should also see a link for Bounce Dryer bar, click on "Be one of a select group" so you can get a FREE Bounce dryer bar in the mail...Once I signed up, I got a confirmation page which said:

"Congrats! You'll be one of a select group to use and review the Bounce dryer bar"

YAY! (should take 2-4 weeks to come in the mail)
If you didn't get the email try clicking here

Buy Pampers @ Walmart & get a bonus gift!! (up to $22 value)

When I was at looking for free samples I saw an ad for Pampers. If you buy Pampers diapers you'll get a bonus diaper pouch with it looks like Secret Clinical deodorant, Always flexi-style pantiliners, Olay total effects bodywash and some sort of Crest the diaper pouch is too cute with the spots and bright colors....I'm thinking you have to look for specially marked packages for this free gift.
***remember to bring along your 8/1 P&G insert and use the $1.50 coupon for the Pampers and also the "buy any Pampers diapers , get a free Pampers wipes 72ct or less" . So, you'll get the bonus gift plus the FREE wipes!


Walmart has another free sample available of "U" by Kotex products, sign up for them [HERE]
There are also a few more samples available including Goodnites sleep pants, Emergen-C drink, Prevacid, Cheetos Mighty Zingers and Playtex Sport tampons. Click here to go to the free samples.

Monday, August 23, 2010

FREE Schick disposable razors @ Walmart!

This Sunday's (8/22) SmartSource insert had a coupon for $2 off any Schick disposable razors excluding 2-count packages...use them at Walmart to get a FREE pack of 12 disposable razors (pictured above) since they are priced at $1.97!!! Coupon expires on 10/3/10, so there's plenty of time to use them in case you get to the store and they're wiped out....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

FREE Chef Michaels @ Target!

This Sunday's paper had a Target coupon for a free can of Chef Michael's canine creations, no purchase necessary....and since it IS a Target coupon, you will not have to pay tax on it!!!
[coupon is from 8/22 SS insert]

FREE Joint Juice @ Rite Aid this week!

This week, Rite Aid has their 6-packs of Joint Juice on sale Buy one get One FREE...use the Buy One get one FREE coupon from 6/6 SmartSource insert and get TWO FREE!!!

***I was just looking at these last week and thought I wouldn't use them, and tossed them!!! & I rarely throw any coupons away before they expire! Hope you still have yours...

P&G Everyday Savings rebate:

There's a new P&G brand Everyday Savings rebate available....Buy $50 in P&G products (before coupons), mail in receipts along with [rebate form], and get a $110 P&G brand coupon booklet.

  • Purchase dates between 9/1/10-12/31/10

  • Must be postmarked by January 14, 2011

***it's easy getting $50 worth of products without paying $50 using all the high value and BOGO coupons we find in the P&G coupon inserts every month, so be sure to save all your receipts and mail them in as soon as you reach the $50 mark!

Penny deals @ Office Depot week of 8/22!

There are 3 items you can get this week at Office Depot for only 1¢!!!

  • Office Depot slider pencil box (limit 3)

  • 2-pocket paper folders (limit 10)

  • Office Depot rulers (assorted colors) (limit 3)

Get your Flu shot @ Rite Aid this year!

I got an email saying that if you get your flu shot at Rite Aid for $24.99, you'll get $100 in coupons!!! Wellness+ members will also get 25 points towards their next saving tier. (ie: earn 10 or 20% on everyday purchases at Rite Aid).
Thanks, Eric!

Join RecycleBank & earn bonus points today!!!

Have you heard of RecycleBank??? I joined a few months ago and have earned free product coupons by redeeming points which are pretty easy to come by: You can earn up to 10,000 points by sending in your old electronics you may have just laying around at home.

Just for joining, you will earn 25 points, plus, for a limited time, RecycleBank is offering all Queen of Saving Green readers a special code to enter and earn a BONUS 15 points!!! Enter the code "QUEENOFSAVIN15" to your account through August 31st to add the 15 points to your account for a total of 40 points to start out and use towards rewards.
So what are you waiting for??? Sign up [HERE]

Friday, August 20, 2010

$2.99 meal deal @ Quiznos is back!!!

Yay!!! I just got an email from Quiznos and there's another coupon available for the $2.99 meal deal which includes One small sub, a regular sized fountain drink and a bag of chips!! Get your coupon [HERE].

Offer expires 8/27/10!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

FREE Post-it Super Sticky notes @ Several places!

The 8/15 SmartSource insert has a $1 coupon off any Post-it Super Sticky product, use them at either Target, Walmart, or Kmart and get the single pads of Super Sticky notes, absolutely FREE!!!! Target is probably still wiped out from everyone getting them with the printable dollar pdf coupon last week, so good luck finding any there....I think Kmart has the best colors since they're bright: Lime Green (my fave!), pink, orange, bright blue, and yellow..... Walmart has the darker colors: red, purple, darker green, darker blue, and darker orange.... Since Target barely has any when I go, the only colors I've seen there are Light pink, hot pink and orange.

Coupons don't beep at Target or Kmart, at Walmart they prompt the cashier by asking "Valid coupon amount?"

Take your pick! Which ones will you get???

FREE Emerald Peanuts @ CVS!

There was a $1/1 coupon in the 8/15 RP insert for 3.5 oz or larger Emerald nuts, CVS has the 4.5 oz packages labeled as 10/$10 ($1 each), so get one FREE w/ each coupon you may have! You kinda have to search for them since they are not located with all the other full sized "nuts". Try looking in the $1 food section if your store has one.

-The store I went to had TONS, so I was able to use my 24 coupons all at once without clearing the was funny because as I was checking out the guy behind me asks: "Are those good, or what?", I replied: "I don't know...", so now he has a puzzled look on his face and says, "well, I was just asking since you're buying two cases of them" ....(LOL), I then responded, "oh, well I'm just going to try them since they are $1 and I have dollar coupons"....he asks: "They're $1 and you have dollar coupons, so they're FREE?"..... I said: "Yup!"....he says: "Son of a *****!", (that was funny) I also purchased 2 dawn hand renewal and used 2 $1 coupons from home made simple coupon booklet for a total of 16¢!!! So, then the guy goes to the little rack where they keep their weekly sales ads and starts flipping through it, and asks: "Did you get those coupons in here?", I said, "No, they're from the Sunday paper coupon inserts", he and his girlfriend were soooo amazed, and then we left...... ThEEE End!!! just thought I'd share that lil story with you guys! :)

FREE Purina Dog (& cat) food @ Target and/or Walgreens!

This past Sunday we got a coupon in the SmartSource insert for a FREE 6 oz bag of Purina One dog or cat food up to $1, Target sells this size for $1 so you can use the coupon there for your freebie, otherwise pay the difference if you redeem them at a store where they cost more than $1.00.....also, there were two other coupons next to the "free" coupon:

"Save $2.00 on one (1) package of Purina One brand Dry dog food" (and another one for cat food) "any size, any variety"

Walgreens sells this same 6 oz package for $1.99 (last time I checked), so use the $2 coupons at Walgreens for even more free dog (and cat!) food, sweet!
[coupons from 8/15/10 SS insert]

FREEBIE: Playtex Tampons!

Walmart has a new free sample available of Playtex Sport tampons, request yours now, before it's gone!

Cheap Bic razors @ Walgreens!

This week, Walgreens has their BIC disposable razors on sale (thru Sat.), Buy 1 get one 50% OFF: If you get the packages that are $6.99, do the following scenario:

Buy 2 packages @ $6.99 each (I got the Hybrid & Soleil Citrus

Use the BOGO coupon from 8/1 SS insert (will deduct $6.99)

Use the $3/1 coupon from 7/25 SS insert

Final Price= 49¢ for both!!

***the reason you'll get the full amount taken off with the BOGO coupon is because when the cashier feeds the receipt so they can see the price when entering the value, both razors will show up as the full price until the transaction is complete, so you don't have to worry about having someone tell you they can only deduct the $3.49 (half price one).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FREE Right Guard deodorant @ Walgreens & CVS this week!

This week , Walgreens and CVS both have their Right Guard deodorant on sale Buy One get One FREE, Use the Buy One get One FREE coupon from 7/25 RP insert and get 2 FREE w/ each coupon you have!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1¢ Filler paper @ OfficeMax!!

This week, OfficeMax has their 100sheet packs of filler paper on sale for only 1¢ each!!! There's no minimum purchase amount (unlike other office supply stores, *cough* Staples *cough*), but there is a limit of 6 per customer, I went in yesterday and got my 6 packs for 6¢, can't beat that!
They also have other good deals, such as spiral notebooks and rulers for 5¢ each (limit 3)

FREE Post-it notes @ Target!

Target has their single pads (90ct) of Super Sticky Post-it notes priced at $1, but use this $1/1 printable coupon and get them FREE!!! Yay! I love Post-it

Monday, August 9, 2010

BOGO sandwich @ Quiznos!

Purchase a sandwich & regular drink at Quiznos and get a second sandwich of equal or lesser value FREE! (with this printable coupon)

**offer valid through 8/18!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

FREE Dry Idea deodorant @ Rite Aid!

This week (8/8-8/14/10), Rite Aid has their Dry Idea on sale Buy one get one FREE, use the "Buy One Get One FREE" coupon from 7/25 Red Plum insert to get 2 FREE w/ each coupon you have!!! Yay!

FREE Extra Gum!!!

Sign up for a FREE pack of Wrigley's Extra Dessert Delights , the sugar-free gum that tastes just like desserts such as strawberry shortcake, key lime pie, and Mint chocolate chip. Use promotion code 353637
*I'm signing up for this one because I havn't tried it and it sounds yummy, eventhough one of my co-workers Carmen says I'm "set for life" with all the free gum I've been getting

Friday, August 6, 2010

FREE Smoothies @ Boston Market!!

Stop by your local Boston Market this Saturday and next, for a FREE Minute Maid Smoothie, no purchase or coupon necessary!!!!

(Sat 8/7 & 8/14/10)

My trip to Rite Aid....

I wanted to buy something that qualified for the FREE Glam Bag at Rite Aid...this is what I came up with with the lowest OOP...

Bought 2 Veet hair removers @ $6.49 BOGO

Bought 1 Got2be Smooth Operator hair lotion $6.49 ($5.84 with my Wellness+ discount)

(((1st Subtotal: $12.33)))
Used FREE coupon for Got2be (from BzzAgent)
Final Price= Only 49¢!!!

Plus!!!...I now qualify for the FREE Glam Bag by mail...woohoo!!!!

Don't know what the Glam Bag deal is???

Buy $10 or more (from 7/25-9/25/10) of any of the following product brands:

  • Sally Hansen

  • Maybelline

  • Clearasil

  • got2be

  • Veet

  • Covergirl

  • Dickinson's

  • Phisoderm

& receive a Free Glam Bag w/ beauty samples included!!! See more details [HERE]

Thursday, August 5, 2010

FREE Kraft Cheese @ Safeway!!!

Yeee!!!! There's an excellent deal to be had at Safeway this week.... if you buy Kraft Deli Deluxe Cheese you get them for $1.99 each, plus!...if you buy 5 or more you get a $5 catalina! so, here's how to get it free:

Buy 5 packs of Kraft Deli Deluxe cheese ($9.95)

Use 5 $1 printable coupons, or I also found $1 peelies on OM lunchmeat packages

Pay $4.95 OOP (out of pocket)

Get back a $5 Catalina

Final price=FREE!!!

Thank goodness cheese can be frozen...hehehe!! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cheap Scrubbing Bubbles @ Target!

There's a good deal to be had at Target this week, get a Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer AND a refill for only 48¢, here's how:

Buy 1 Power Sprayer

Buy 1 refill

-Use $5/1 starter coupon from 6/13 SS insert ($6.99***)

-Use $1/1 refill coupon from 6/13 SS insert ($3.49)

-Use "free $5 Gift Card wyb 1 power sprayer" Target coupon from 8/1 SS insert

Pay $4.48+tax, get a $5 Gift card
***people are reporting seeing the Scrubbing bubbles starter on sale for $6.99, but the ad says $7.99, so even if your store has them for $7.99 it's still a good deal.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

$5/$25 Rite Aid coupon....

Bookmark these $5/$25 coupons to use at Rite Aid...they don't expire until the end of August!