Saturday, April 18, 2009

FREE KOTEX...again & again

Did you happen to order and/or already receive the New Kotex overnight sample from ? If not, don't delay, order one TODAY!!! but if you did, you probably noticed it had two coupons for $1.00 off Kotex. Use those for two FREE packages of Kotex pantiliners at Walmart....but wait, ALSO, notice by the coupons it says to take a quick survey about your sample and recieve another coupon...I did it and I printed two more $1.00 off 1 kotex product...So this sample actually produced 4 free packages of Kotex telling ya, I'm starting to collect a lifetime supply of those things, but I love 'em!!!!
(* I wonder why they have the picture of the girl looking like that asleep, kinda creepy LOL)

Finally, a Kmart store near me will be doubling coupons this week....BUT

....unfortunately, I wont be near my Kmart Store (in California). Turns out, the same week this deal will be going on, is the week I'll be away from home and on vacation in New York....Im sad, but OH WELL...I guess it wasn't meant for me this time.....on a happy note, this is my first time going to NY so I guess a good deal is always a couple weeks or maybe even days away... Wish me luck...It's also my first time on a plane!!! kinda nervous :/

Thursday, April 16, 2009

....another Walmart trip....

To make a long story short, I paid NOTHING for all these items....oh and not to mention, the $1.21 in the picture, Walmart PAID ME!!! Pretty exciting, my first transaction with nothing out of pocket BUT an addition to it!!! LOL

*By the way, if you happen to go to KMART see if the full size bottles of the Gold Bond lotion have a peelie for $1 off...I got a few, and since it didn't specify which size was eligible, I was able to get the trial size lotions FREE at walmart. =)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My walmart coupon run....

I went to Walmart a couple nights ago before my fiance got off work so I could use his Discount Card (10% off), Not a huge savings, but I see it as-im saving TAX + 2% more so it makes me happy.... Anyway, all this stuff before coupons and discount would have been $38.00, I only paid $.13 + tax $1.99= $2.12!!!!

the cashier couldn't believe it, so once she told me my total before taking my money she left her register to tell another cashier "Her bill was about $40, and she only has to pay $2.12!!" She was soooo amazed, It was too funny, she also said she had heard stories about couponers and what great deals they get, but that was the first time she actually saw it.

*Many of these items I took to my moms house, she loves that OLAY soap.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FREE Glucerna Cereal and FREE Olay soap @ WALMART

many bloggers posted about free olay 2pack bar soap at walmart with $2.00 coupon, but my walmart sells them for $2.49, SO I would end up paying 49 cents each pack....well I was searching for a coupon that would produce OVERAGE to cover the extra 50 cents for each package...I FOUND ONE!!! gooddealgal has a great post about how to sign up for a $10 coupon on 2 boxes of glucerna cereaL which would have a $2 overage for each coupon since Glucerna cereal is only about $4 a box at Walmart, print 2 coupons and it will be enough overage to to get 8 free olay 2-packs after both coupons ($10 Glucerna & $2 olay frm 4/5 pg insert).

read up on how to sign up for the $10 glucerna coupon here!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Join BZZAGENT- get freebies in your mailbox!!!

A couple weeks ago I joined BZZAGENT because I've heard you get free stuff in the mail for you to try out and just tell people about it. Well, yesterday I actually got a Glade Sense & Spray air freshener in the mail with a bunch of coupons for me to pass out. (I already had one that I got FREE at walgreens with coupons) but I'm not complaining, its like a FREE refill!! All you have to do is join, fill out a few surveys about yourself and they will send you an invitation for whatever "campaign" they feel will be good for you... once you accept, you'll get free products of that particular campaign to try out and spread the word, then log in and give them feedback on the product, Thats it!!!

Interested??? join HERE

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Free Kotex pantiliners @ WALMART

go here and look for the coupon good for $2.00 off 2 Kotex pads.....even if it's not for liners, it can still be used for them. Since it's $2.00 off 2, you can get two small packages of pantiliners FREE at Walmart (priced $1 each). Print before it's too late! *Remember you can print a second coupon by clicking on the "back" browser button.

FREE always infinity

For those of you who still haven't signed up for this sample....ITS A MUST!!! I personally loved this sample kit from Beinggirl which included 1pad, 3 tampons, 2 liners, and a fresh wipe...BUT also (my favorite part of the sample) a coupon for a FREE 18 count box of infinity pads...I'ts been available for a while now which surprises hurry & sign up for this sample if you haven't already...order up to 2 per household.