Monday, February 28, 2011

Dear Coupon Bandit: Please Disappear!!!!!!!!!!

LOL....Ok, well this is another one of my Anger rants....

I can't get over that there HAS to be a coupon thief working for the MODESTO BEE (my local newspaper). Before, if there was a HOT coupon that was listed in the coupon previews, the WHOLE insert would be missing in my Sunday paper!

Jonathan, my bf, called the Modesto BEE and complained, no call back...BUT:

NOW, if there's a HOT coupon to be had, the coupon is just MIA from the inserts, and I know, I know!....some coupons are regional, but EVERY SINGLE COUPON?? We used to get MOST, and now NONE!!!! not even the J&J coupons.... and we always got those before....

So, now everytime I see a coupon preview w/ some SUPER HOT coupons, I don't get my hopes up until Sunday morning... :(


I hope he gets caught and fired like this guy (a postal worker) that got arrested after stealing the free $5 Walmart gift cards people were supposed to get in the mail.... he stole 120 of them totalling over $600!!!

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