Saturday, March 21, 2009

FREE Excedrin Menstrual Complete Express Gels-Walgreens

I was so happy to find that I can get FREE menstrual cramp pills at Walgreens!!!

My Walgreens sells them for $5.99 (20pack)

I used $4.00 easy saver coupon -$8.00

and 2 printable coupons (coupon reads $2 off ANY express gels) ... -$4.00

SubTotal was $11.98

-$12.00 in coupons =


+$.88 tax=

$.86 out of pocket!!!

Sweeeeet!!!! I love Walgreens!!!
*original post-ⓒcopyright- Jessica( queen of saving green)

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ResQFroggy911 said...

Also a FYI... the Excedrin Menstrual is the same EXACT active ingredients as regular Excedrin. Just do not go sending your hubby to work with that bottle or he will have some explaining to do! lol