Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TARGET- over $30 worth of Pantene products for under $3.00

ok..this is my first post!!...I put this together on my own (without looking at other blog sites) let me know what you think!!!

I purchased:

5 Pantene nature fusion conditioners@ $3.33ea. = $16.65

1 Pantene nature fusion shampoo @$3.33=$3.33

3 Pantene Smooth serum stylers @$4.44ea.= $13.32


now...do you remember seeing pantene shampoos in the Target endcaps with a little sample bottle as a bonus?? Well, in there there are also target coupons that say "$3.00 off two pantene nature fusion products" I just slipped the coupon out of three of them (since i was buying 6 items)...


-$3.00/2 (from bonus bottles of Pantene in stores) (x3) =$9.00

-$1.00/1 any Pantene P&G insert (x6) =$6.00

-$2.00/2 pantene stylers P&G insert= $2.00

-FREE styler w/2 shampoo or conditioner purchased P&G insert $4.44 (x3) = $13.32
(so the previous coupon for the stylers helped with the cost of the conditioners since the stylers were free with Free Styler coupon)

Total= $2.98 +tax

(good enough deal for me! I love using Pantene) -Jessica

*original post ⓒcopyright- Jessica(queenof Saving green)


A Thrifty Mom said...

nice good job, keep it up

Diane said...

Good job! I'll have to look out for those bottles with the coupons!

economom said...

That ROX! Thanks for the post! I'll try to post it on my blog! donnalee@econome.info