Sunday, January 3, 2010

Quick trips to Target & CVS!

I wanted to use the $5/20 CVS coupon that was going to expire the 2nd, so I went after doing laundry....I didn't post pictures since they were simple shopping trips.

First stop Target:

I was hoping to find Rayovac batteries since they would be FREE after my coupons, but they were all out! Next, I went over to see if the Swiss Miss hot chocolate was on sale....Sure enough, it was marked $1.02!! So, I got two boxes and headed over to the registers. Easy transaction:

2 boxes of Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix $2.04

-$ 0.05 (used reusable shopping tote)

- 2 Swiss Miss $1 Target printable coupons (no longer available)
Final Price = $0.00!!!
Next stop, CVS. OK, so I was planning on buying a Contour meter & Coke for Jonathan since it would be FREE w/ the $5/20 coupon. I took my meter & 5 2-liter bottles of Coke up to the register....Here's where it got kinda crazy: She scanned my items & I handed her the $5/20 coupon which deducted the $5 from the soda, then I gave her the coupon for the Contour meter, and she said I had to buy both meters pictured to use the coupon, I knew that was wrong, but I didn't feel like arguing, so since she had already scanned the $5 coupon, I asked her to just void the meter out. It worked out better for me because this is how it went:
1 Contour Meter $14.99
5 2-liters of Coke $5.00
+ $0.10 each for CRV (50 cents)
-$5/20 CVS coupon
***(Voided the meter) -$14.99
SubTotal 50 cents
+tax 4 cents
=54 cents!!!!
Earned $1 Extra Buck for buying 3 Cokes
Earned $2 FREE Extra Bucks
Final Price: FREE + $2.46 Money Maker!!!!! I'm glad she didn't think about voiding the $5 coupon since my total was no longer over $20. I ended up with the better end of the deal!!! LOL......


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