Sunday, August 19, 2012

our trip to rite aid

update: got the pic posted... :) 

arrrggghhhh!!!!! the dam pic wont upload right now ill try again later i also forgot to mention the nyc np that are $.99 with gold are $.79 and u get the upr when u buy 3 if anything ill post it on our fb page so check it out

hi guys this is jonathan i havent posted in along time but today i decided to post our trip today

32 fat foam hair dye= $255.68
4 eco tools= $9.16
5 gillette= $39.95
2 restless leg cream = $22
1 mineral ice cream= $4.99
5 sleep sheets= $25
12 visine= $22
14 no nonsense socks= $20.86
28 RA hand sani= $28
6 maxfreeze= $42
1 palmolive= $1.97
2 gold bond lotion= $20
42 nyc np= $42
1 cars chair= $7.99
1 kids patio= $19.99
total before qs=$561.62

used 32 $5 samy fat foam [pdf printable]
used 32 $6 in ad q
used 4 $1 eco tolls q from signing up with eco tools website
used 5 $3 gilette q
total after q is$ $168.62
used $168 upr paid $.62 plus all the damn tax

got back $212 upr

notes: i did all this in seperate transactions and at different stores so we wouldnt clear shelves and we do have more than one card each i have several cards that i use. the link to the pdf was changed so you can print 6 per page instead of one huge coupon all the coupons go tru with no beeps also some stores might not let u use more than one in ad per transactions so ymmv we used the overage from the hair dye to get other things like the patio set for my son


Anonymous said...

You guys are the!!! Wow, 32 Samy Hair Colors...amazing shopping trips today.

Jessica said...

lol ms benjamins thanks im going to start posting my trips since i always see your trips and sometimes see deals i dont see anywhere else hopefully i can return the favor