Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kmart Doubles-LOts of FREEbies!!!!

Next week (8/16-8/22/09), Kmart will be running their double coupon promotion which means they will give you double the amount of your manufacturer coupons up to and including $2!!! The last few times around, I've been able to score LOTS and LOTS of Free stuff, so im sooOOoooOOo ExciTed!!!

Thanks to Coupon Clipping Mama and Living Within the Limits, we can easily print out THIS shopping list with the exact breakdown* of which coupons to use & what the final price is, AND it's even color coded (I LOVE it), all the RED items are FREE after doubled coupons so that's what I'm after pretty sure to stop by their blogs and thank them for all the hard work putting this list together.

Even if you don't have newspaper insert coupons, many of the FREE items are with printable coupons, and the links for the coupons are next to the item cool is that????

***participating stores only, to see if your store is participating check your weekly circular HERE on Saturday(just enter your zipcode) IM PRAYING MY STORE IS PARTICIPATING =)

*breakdown and prices listed are regional, so depending on where you live, items may be more or LESS money!!!

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