Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rite Aid Holiday Gift of Savings.....

I almost forgot to mention, Rite Aid has a Holiday Gift of Savings program going on... Spend money, earn money (as a Gift Certificate). Here's the scoop:

Shop at Rite Aid through December 24, save all your receipts, enter them online & see how much you can earn: $5, $10 or even $20!!!!

-Spend $25- $50 & Get $5

-Spend $51-$100 & Get $10

-Spend over $100 & Get $20!!!

The best part about this is that the amount that counts is BEFORE coupons, so if you have any coupons for "FREE" items, you still get the credit for whatever its worth! Crazy right??! I love it!!! Remember, the idea is to buy stuff for as little OOP as possible, don't go and actually spend the $100 for $20....last time they had this deal I earned $20 without even spending $20, gotta love coupons!!!


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