Friday, April 9, 2010

FREE Large packages of Always Infinity @ Target!

Target has a gift card deal on Always Infinity, (buy 2 32count packs, get $5 Target Gift card), use the following scenerio to get FREE pads after coupons & gift card:

Buy 2 (32-count) Always Infinity packs
-Use BOGO coupon from 4/4 P&G coupon insert
-Use $2 coupon from 3/7 P&G coupon insert
[Pay $4.99+tax OOP]
get $5 Target Gift card
***If you have extra coupons, you can do the deal again in a separate transaction, use the $5 GC , only pay tax & get yet ANOTHER gift card!, you can keep doing this deal until you're out of coupons if you'd like. Sweet!
Thanks, MSM!



Drew said...

Walmart here won't let you use 2 manufacturers coupons...I didn't know anyone did.

Jessica said...

Hi Drew,
Well, technically you're only using ONE coupon per item, so the BOGO coupon is for the FREE item, & the $2 coupon is for the one that's NOT free...I'm sure at Target the coupons go through no problem, but I'm not sure about Walmart though...

Hope that helps :)