Monday, January 17, 2011

UPDATE: TP deal @ Rite Aid is LIMIT 1 now...

Oh, wow! I just got a text from my friend Heather, that she went to Rite Aid this morning to get 4 more packs of toilet paper, and she only got $1 Up reward back, evidently so many people are complaining, and corporate pulled the plug on the deal. So, now as of Monday, no matter how many packs of toilet paper you get, you will only get $1 in Up rewards back. I don't understand why everyone starts calling corporate & ruin deals for everyone. Well, at least I already took advantage of it, and I have enough to hold me down until the next deal comes around.
It's actually LIMIT one per household, so you have to choose whether you want one tissue or toilet paper, sucks huh?.
If you ran into this problem, you could call 1-800-Rite Aid, and ask them to mail you your missing Up rewards since they didn't state a limit in the ad. They have done that in the past.
Thanks, Heather!

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