Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kmart doubling coupons (up to 99 cents) now thru 6/25!!

Kmart stores will be doubling an unlimited amount of coupons up to 99 cents from now through 6/25! I'll post deal updates if I come across any...I checked the list of participating stores, and Ceres(Modesto) store IS participating. You will need to use your Shop your Way Rewards card though in order for the coupons to double. If you don't have a loyalty card, no worries, you can sign up for one on the spot at the customer service desk.

"Up to 99 cents" means any coupons that are valued at 99 cents or less WILL be doubled, for example:

  • a $.25 coupon will double up to $.50

  • a $.50 coupon will double up to $1

  • a $.75 coupon will double up to $1.50

  • a $1 coupon WILL NOT Double (since it's over 99 cents) Comprende??? :)

Go here and see if your Kmart Store is participating.

1 comment:

Vicki said...

I called the modesto and atwater stores and they both will not be doubling. I couldn't find this offer anywhere online either.