Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mailbox Freebies! 6/19-6/25/11

These are the freebies I got in the mail this past week:

  • Tide Stain Release (10 count) + $2 coupon + 1 load of Detergent! (From Tide on Facebook)

  • Sample can of Alpo dog food from (no longer avail.)

  • Coupon for a FREE box of Natural Instincts hair color (from Clairol on Facebook, no longer avail.)

  • 2 locks w/ keys from "1 Sale a Day", (no longer avail). Jonathan & I both ordered one, and what's funny is he got the green 25 mm w/ 3 keys, and mine was a black 20 mm. w/ 2 I got the tiny one!

  • And I got a coupon from SC Johnson for a FREE Glade product up to $3.50 (either a 4 oz. candle or Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator. (I emailed SC Johnson and complimented about their Glade Spring Collection candles.) Every once in a while I'll email them, last time I needed something to unclog my bathtub's drain, so I emailed them and said how much I loved "Drano" and I switched from another brand, then I got a coupon in the mail for FREE Drano!! (See post here).

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