Saturday, October 1, 2011

Local Readers: Burger King accepting competitors coupons!!

I don't know if I've shared with you yet, but for the past couple of weeks we've been having to walk everywhere, and I've been taking the bus to work because both of my cars decided to break down at the same time....ugh!!! That's also one of the reasons I have not been posting on my blog as much as usual, because I leave home super early to catch the bus, and I get home late because of all the stops the bus makes, and I have another 15 minute walk, basically when I get home, I'm pooped...and all I want to do is eat and take a nap.... Anyway...last night we had to walk to SaveMart to get milk and food for us to cook tomorrow, since we had a couple coupons for FREE 4-piece chicken tenders at Burger King, we thought we'd stop by for those, the Shift Leader asked us if we knew that they take competitors coupons...we said no, and he says..yeah we take all coupons from anywhere...and since Jonathan happened to have a printable coupon for a FREE Premium Salad at Mcdonald's with the purchase of a Happy Meal from RecycleBank* , he pulled it out of his pocket, and they honored it!!! So, we bought JJ a kid's meal for $3.xx, and got a FREE Chicken Garden Salad worth $4.99!! I'm glad they honored the coupon because we tried using it at McDonald's on Geer a couple days before, and they said they wouldn't honor it because the coupon stated "Valid at participating McDonald's only" plus they were soooo rude about it...I'm glad Burger King honors them, so I'll be redeeming my 2nd coupon there as well.

This was at the new Burger King location on Geer, and I'm not sure if this is the only store that's doing this, so be sure to ask.
*If you're not familiar with RecycleBank, read my blog post here.(earn a coupon with 100 points, and you're able to print 2).
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