Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FREE Glucerna Cereal and FREE Olay soap @ WALMART

many bloggers posted about free olay 2pack bar soap at walmart with $2.00 coupon, but my walmart sells them for $2.49, SO I would end up paying 49 cents each pack....well I was searching for a coupon that would produce OVERAGE to cover the extra 50 cents for each package...I FOUND ONE!!! gooddealgal has a great post about how to sign up for a $10 coupon on 2 boxes of glucerna cereaL which would have a $2 overage for each coupon since Glucerna cereal is only about $4 a box at Walmart, print 2 coupons and it will be enough overage to to get 8 free olay 2-packs after both coupons ($10 Glucerna & $2 olay frm 4/5 pg insert).

read up on how to sign up for the $10 glucerna coupon here!

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