Saturday, April 11, 2009

My walmart coupon run....

I went to Walmart a couple nights ago before my fiance got off work so I could use his Discount Card (10% off), Not a huge savings, but I see it as-im saving TAX + 2% more so it makes me happy.... Anyway, all this stuff before coupons and discount would have been $38.00, I only paid $.13 + tax $1.99= $2.12!!!!

the cashier couldn't believe it, so once she told me my total before taking my money she left her register to tell another cashier "Her bill was about $40, and she only has to pay $2.12!!" She was soooo amazed, It was too funny, she also said she had heard stories about couponers and what great deals they get, but that was the first time she actually saw it.

*Many of these items I took to my moms house, she loves that OLAY soap.

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