Thursday, April 2, 2009

Join BZZAGENT- get freebies in your mailbox!!!

A couple weeks ago I joined BZZAGENT because I've heard you get free stuff in the mail for you to try out and just tell people about it. Well, yesterday I actually got a Glade Sense & Spray air freshener in the mail with a bunch of coupons for me to pass out. (I already had one that I got FREE at walgreens with coupons) but I'm not complaining, its like a FREE refill!! All you have to do is join, fill out a few surveys about yourself and they will send you an invitation for whatever "campaign" they feel will be good for you... once you accept, you'll get free products of that particular campaign to try out and spread the word, then log in and give them feedback on the product, Thats it!!!

Interested??? join HERE

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