Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gum Coupon BOLO!

In case you're wondering 'what the heck is a BOLO?'.....it's an acronym for the words:

Be On (the) Look Out!! lol, I've been watching too much COPS on tv.....anyway, look what coupons we found at Food Maxx a couple days ago...I've also seen the Dentyne coupon at Safeway.

Buy One Get one FREE Dentyne Pure gum (up to $2) expires 12/31/10!!

Buy One Get one FREE Stride Shift gum (up to $1.99) expires 8/31/10!

Why are these coupons good??? Well, If a store runs a sale on these Buy One Get One Free, you get 2 FREE w/ each coupon, same thing if Kmart decides to run their "Super Doubles" again. Since these have a pretty long shelf life (expiration), there's plenty of time for us to put them to good use.....so, if you find 'em, be sure to grab a couple because I may be pairing these coupons with a good sale in the near future.

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