Thursday, June 10, 2010

Safeway....New coupon policy!!! :) ***now accepting Catalinas from other stores

I'm glad to see Safeway has now changed their "strict" coupon policy....I've emailed them in the past about some drama I had with a cashier who wouldn't let me redeem printable coupons which would essentially get me free cans of Maybe enough of us complained and they probably realized that in the end, THEY were the ones losing, not the customer...since we just gave our business to another retailer.

One highlight I see is that Safeway is now accepting ALL valid Catalina coupons issued by other retailers!!! (example: Walgreens Register Rewards!) yayyyyyy!!!! That's awesome!...So many times we "make" money at Walgreens, so now if we don't find good deals before they expire, heck, we'll use them at Safeway to buy groceries...can't go wrong with that!

Oh, and another good thing is that they took out the horrible rule they had for printable coupons which stated, "printable coupons cannot exceed 50% of the items value"....thank god!....didn't they know to begin with that printable coupons are usually higher value than newspaper insert coupons???, so that was kinda hard to stick to....

You can access & print the new Safeway coupon policy [HERE]

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