Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I got lucky.....what else can I say :)

Remember the $4 Coppertone coupon I told you about from last weeks paper??? They're expired now, but when I saw a post about it over at Common Sense with Money, I left a comment that I had gotten those coupons in the paper and since I know many areas didn't get the coupon, I asked if anyone would be willing to trade Coppertone coupons for the $2 Air Wick aqua mist coupons since they're on price cut at Target for $1.99, making them FREE after coupon (we didn't get the Aqua Mist coupon here).

I remember getting home from work and going back to the post to see if I had any respones....I did!....A wonderful lady named AMY left a comment under mine that said:

"I got some $2.50 off Air Wick aqua mist and do not need them. I will be happy to mail to you."

I then got excited and left another comment with my email address, but since there was no link to another blog or website with her name, the only chance I had to get a hold of her is if SHE returned to the same post to read MY response......SHE DID!!!! I got an email from her asking for my address and told me she had at least 20 coupons, but since the Coppertone coupons would expire soon, she didn't want them, but she would still send me the coupons.....sure enough, they came in the mail and I now have 20 free bottles of Air Wick aqua mist from Target!!!! As I was getting ready to take the photo of my new freebies, JJ (my son), squeezed in....he's too funny, but can't stand still which explains the blurry look.

What a surprise!!! Thank you soooooooo much Amy, let me know if you need any other coupons and I'll mail them to you.......

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