Thursday, August 19, 2010

FREE Post-it Super Sticky notes @ Several places!

The 8/15 SmartSource insert has a $1 coupon off any Post-it Super Sticky product, use them at either Target, Walmart, or Kmart and get the single pads of Super Sticky notes, absolutely FREE!!!! Target is probably still wiped out from everyone getting them with the printable dollar pdf coupon last week, so good luck finding any there....I think Kmart has the best colors since they're bright: Lime Green (my fave!), pink, orange, bright blue, and yellow..... Walmart has the darker colors: red, purple, darker green, darker blue, and darker orange.... Since Target barely has any when I go, the only colors I've seen there are Light pink, hot pink and orange.

Coupons don't beep at Target or Kmart, at Walmart they prompt the cashier by asking "Valid coupon amount?"

Take your pick! Which ones will you get???

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