Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Be Careful while using $$/x coupons @ Target!

I know I've told a few people in person about this issue I've come across at Target, but I wanted to make sure everyone is aware next time you go to Target. I noticed ever since they updated their "system", the registers have been adjusting coupons automatically, I thought it was great that some coupons didn't beep, but I also noticed if you have a coupon for multiple items, it STILL adjusts down to the price of only ONE!! I had a coupon for $5 off any 3 Listerine products from a magazine, & the coupon only took off $2 -something (the price of one on clearance). There's even been a news article and video about it....check it out here. And what makes me mad is that the Target spokesperson said they didn't know the problem existed and she couldn't comment on whether or not Target will collect the full amount of the coupon eventhough they only deducted a portion of the value to the guest's bill.....OF COURSE THEY WILL!!!....and they'll even collect the 8¢ handling fee!!! lol

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