Tuesday, September 14, 2010

email from "My Get Together"...

Yeeeeee!!! I'm so excited, I just received an email from My Get Together that I have been selected to be a "My Get Together" host! (I had applied to be a host a few weeks back when they sent me an email with a survey to possibly be a My Get Together host). This will be my first, so I will have to update you when the date gets closer with further details, it will be sometime in October during a game, I can't wait! I do know what I'll be getting in my "Host Kit" though:
• 3 packages of Chex Mix snacks (Traditional, Honey Nut, and Turtle)
• 45 product information sheets with ChexMix coupons to share with my guests.
• A special snack bowl to serve Chex Mix snacks.
• Football themed snack napkins and plates.
• and an Allergen fact sheet.

To be eligible to be a "My Get Together" host, you must be a member of General Mills' Pssst...™ network. The Pssst...™ network is free to join and offers members new product samples, coupons, and more! Members will also get emails when there will be an opportunity to host a "My Get Together". If you are interested, and would like to Join Pssst...™ click here.


EcoMom said...

I love Chex Mix for big get-togethers! Not too messy and so easy!

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Jessica said...

@ EcoMom,

Thanks for inviting me to join your Facebook group! I'll be sure to check it out soon!