Saturday, September 25, 2010

FREE Ore-Ida Easy Fries @ Safeway!

The new coupon booklet at Safeway has a "$3 off any 2 Ore-Ida potato frozen products" coupon, use it to get FREE Ore-Ida Easy Fries since they are on sale at Safeway 3 for $4.00!
Buy 2 for a total of $2.66
-$3 coupon (exp. 11/9)
=FREE w/ 33¢ overage! (I tried this, NO BEEPS! yay!)
*If you don't know which coupon booklet I'm talking about, it's the $70 one pictured below, I found them near the dairy and frozen food sections:

****Also, if your store is wiped out, you can always use the coupon at other grocery stores to get them free as long as they cost $1.50 or less, for example I know Walmart sells these for about $1.08 (regular price), so still FREE after coupon!

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