Friday, December 10, 2010

New Information about the Rite Aid gift of Savings!

I got an email from Eric at Rite Aid, and I have good news!!!:

Apparently, many people contacted them about not giving credit on the manufacturer coupon amounts....Well, they've reconsidered!!! Here's what the email says:

"We heard your feedback and we've changed our Gift of Savings coupon policy. To best reward you for shopping at Rite Aid, manufacturer coupons will not be subtracted from your total spend amount. Check your accounts within the next 48 hours to see your recalculated balance. We understand you have a choice of pharmacies and thank you for your continued support of Rite Aid."

Yayyy!!! How cool is that?!..It was getting kinda hard earning money towards the rewards using only our Out of Pocket amount...My fiance Jonathan had been adding countless receipts to his account with little credit towards his certificate...well, he checked his account last night and had already earned his $20! (He actually had over $400 in his account!!!)....Too bad $20 is the most you can earn, otherwise he would have around $80!

Have you earned your $20 yet?!
Thanks, Eric for the great news!!! ☺

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