Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trip to Rite Aid | Dec. 10, 2010

I had a few expiring +Up rewards, so I decided to buy myself a DYMO label maker! I've been wanting one of those for years!I took it out of the package before even taking the picture, I had to play with it a little...hahaha. SO, with my 20% discount, $5/$25, and SCR, I was able to get it pretty cheap, here's what I did:

Bought 1 DYMO LetraTag Label maker $23.99 w/ 20% disct. (reg $29.99)
Bought 2 BIC Triumph 537RT 2-pk $3.19 ea w/ disct.
Used $5/$25
Used $21 in +Up rewards
Subtotal= 37¢+ tax $2.25
=$2.62 OOP (out of pocket)

Earned, $10 Single Check Rebate for Dymo, $3 +UP rewards for BIC.

***So, basically I bought the Dymo label maker for only $8 after rebate....sweet!!! and I got the pens FREE since I had the 20% disct. I know I had to spend my $8 Ups w/out rolling them, but I'm sure there'll be a money making deal next week, so It's all good! In my mind, I kinda got the Dymo FREE.


If you want to do the BIC deal:

Buy 2 at $3.99 each- $7.98
Pay $3.98+tax, get $3 Up rewards
=98¢ for 2 packs!! (that's if you don't have a 10%, or 20% disct, so if you do, it's even better!)

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Ms Benjamins said...

Girl, anytime that you can turn those +Ups into it!

You can spend cash anywhere but you can only use the +Ups at Rite Aid.

I'm gonna post your Dymo write up b/c I want oooooonneeeeee, too! LOL