Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trip to CVS | Dec 10, 2010

Jonathan and I went to CVS hoping we'd be lucky and they still had the Free Planters Flavor Grove almonds in stock....they did! We picked up 2 packs of the Chili & Lime flavor, can't beat FREE! Anyway, Jonathan was looking around and found the Febreze Flameless Luminary starter kits (green tea citrus scent) on clearance for $3.75!!! We didn't have our coupons with us, so we rushed home to see what coupons we had for them. We found a "buy a starter kit, get a free refill" coupon in the latest P&G insert, and also the $4/1 starter kit coupons from the Home Made Simple coupon booklets. We clipped what we needed, and headed back to the store, here's what we did:

Bought 4 Flameless Luminary starter kits (green tea citrus) $15

Bought 4 Flameless Luminary refills (cranberry pear) [only kind] $5.49 each- $21.96

Subtotal: $36.96

Used 4 BOGO coupons (max value $4.99) -$19.96

Used 4 $4/1 coupons from P&G insert (she didn't adjust them) -$16.00

=$1 +tax for everything!!!

***that was an amazing deal, considering the other cranberry pear starter kits we saw were around $15?? Crazy.....

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