Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We must say Goodbye...to the "5 off of 25"

Sad to say, Rite Aid corporate has sent a memo to all Rite Aid stores saying that the $5/$25 pdf coupon is invalid....even if it scans. I won't be using it anymore, because I don't want my favorite RA employees to think I do coupon fraud....I don't want that kind of rep. Here's a cute poem I read on Slick Deals: (sing along to it as it was the Rudolph the red nosed reindeer song)

Five Dollars off Twenty Five
You’ve been very good to me
Each time I went out shopping
I was getting stuff for free

Shampoo and toys and candy
All my favorite things to buy
Items Free After Rebate
Even some I’d never tried

Then one snowy Monday night
Corporate came to say
Fiver makes our profits light
It’s only worth one cent tonight

All the Slick Dealers knew then
Our good deals will have to end
Fiver we sure will miss you
You were always our Best Friend

[quote from Kooly]

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