Monday, October 12, 2009

FREE Fancy Feast cat appetizers @ Target!

Target has a coupon for BOGO Fancy Feast cat appetizers that expires on 11/21..(print yours HERE). Use this coupon along with the BOGO manufactuer coupon from the 9/13 RP insert to get 2 for FREE!

***My sister said eventhough these are for "CATS", she gave a chicken flavored one to her dog Candy (a cute lil Chihuahua), and she absolutely LOVED it! So, if you have a small dog, you can pick some of these up for him/her as a nice little (FREE) treat! (just don't get the seafood kind) :)



Maria E. Lopez said...

Hehehee I love your side note!!

Jessica said...

LOL!!! What's even funnier is that when one of the guys at posted Walmart was giving a free sample of these, he stated that he was going to eat his since he didn't have a cat & if it was safe for cats, it's safe for humans! =) hahaha!