Saturday, March 20, 2010

another trip to raleys and target

hello again people this is jonathan i think raleys has the best clearance to me today i went and got some gilette clinical strength deodorant for $4 and i had $3dollar coupons plus i had buy a deodorant get a body wash free so i got both for 50 cents apiece pretty good huh whoever has raleys should go and check out there clearance and while your there go 2 the aisle they have the sunblock on and get some $1 off any coppertone product(peelie) it doesnt exclude trial size. i got me some and went to target and bought the trial size coppertone.they will beep at the register cuz target has them for 99 and the coupon is for $1 so hopefully you'll get a nice cashier that wont give you crap about it so today i bought 9 deodorant, 9 bodywash and 4 sunblock for under $15 and thats including tax

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