Thursday, March 4, 2010

FREE Old Spice body wash @ Walmart!

Walmart sells their 1.7 oz trial sized bodywash for around 97 cents each, use the $3/2 coupon from the 2/21 P&G coupon insert to get these FREE w/ possible $1 overage per coupon!! I love how this coupon specifically states "Valid on 1.7 oz or larger", that's good for all those crazy cashiers out there that roll their eyes when they see us trying to use coupons to get FREE trial sized items....Can you believe I've had a lady at Walmart tell me: "Why don't you just buy the regular size?...Coupons were NOT made for trial sizes!" I was so angry that night, I wish I could run into her when I go out and buy these, lol, as soon as she tries to deny the coupons, I'll say: "Read the coupon, lady!!!" ....I always wonder why certain people act like we're taking money out of their pocket when we get freebies w/ coupons.


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