Friday, March 19, 2010

my trip to raleys & target (jessica hubby) :)

hello people this is jonathan, jessica's hubby. jessica is kinda busy to post so im going to tell ya about my first trip alone using coupons.first i went to raleys to buy some covergirl makeup that was on clearance for $1.49 a piece and jessica had $2.50 off of 2 coupons i also found more perfect 10 hair dye coupons(only 2)which were priced at $3.87. anyway i used two $5 off coupons for the dye and 10 $2.50 off of 2 covergirl products so i ended up getting 20 covergirl products and 2 hair dye for only alil over 5 dollar which is great for me. then i went to target and bought 10 dial handsoaps and 18 old spice bodywashes which were on clearance for 48cents so i used my $1 off of 2 coupons and i combined $1 dollar target coupns for the dial with 35cent manufacturer coupons to get the dial saop for 2 cents well a bit cheaper since i got the overage for the bodywash (so total after coupons and tax was $1.22). i had a bit of drama with the cashier about the dial coupons but i think she got intimidated once i started talking back to her which i dont like to do but some of these cashiers are rude so i had to argue with them anyway thats all i did today im kinda proud of myself and sorry for the long post lol this is my first time

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