Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FREE Kool Aid Fun Fizz @ Savemart!

I spotted these trial packs of Kool Aid Fun Fizz at Savemart and if you have any $1/1 tearpad coupons you can get these free since they have no size restriction. I also found a $1/1 coupon included with a free sample of the Kool Aid Fun Fizz that was in a multi-pack of Oreo & chips ahoy cookies I purchased a few weeks, you may have these stashed in your binder somewhere. I actually had them since the beginning of the year when my fiancee found them at FoodMaxx, they had a long expiration date (12/31/10!), so I held on to them and , a few months later.....came in handy. Oh, and the coupon went through with no beeps!

The trial pack includes 4 drink drops: 2 punch, and 2 son tried them and loves them, and I feel better giving him these than other sugary drinks since these only have 5 calories per drop & have NO SUGAR! :) If you don't have these coupons, you can look on ebay, I saw some going for around 99¢ for 10, not too bad.

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