Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FREE Airwick candles @ Target!

Ohhhh my goodness....we just went to Target last night after not going there for maybe....idk...6 months?? The deals havn't been too hot lately, and the not-so-coupon-friendly cashiers don't make me want to go....anyway...if you have the $3 coupon for any Airwick candle from 11/14 SS insert, you can get FREE candles @ Target, but make sure you price check because only two scents are priced at $2.99.

**as we were checking out, we had drama....the cashier said it's "one per purchase" which she thought was "one per transaction"....and she was also talking about how the penny overage is not allowed....ugh!!!! I told her "Don't worry the system will adjust the coupon"...then she interrupted with "NO IT DOESN'T"....but when she scanned them and they did adjust she told Jonathan "Oh, she was right." so she apologized....and, we were on our way. Then I wonder why I avoid going there....

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