Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Trip to Rite Aid 11/29/10

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I went to Rite Aid last night hoping they wouldn't be out of Pro Glide Razors....luckily, they still had some in stock! I did 3 transactions:

Transaction 1:

Bought 3 Gillette Fusion Pro Glide razors $26.37

Used $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon

Used 3 $4/1 Gillette ProGlide razor coupons from Sunday's P&G insert

Used $10 in +UPrewards

= (-63¢)+tax $1.90, Final OOP $1.27

Received $10 in Ups, so FREE!

***there's a limit of 2 for the $5 Gillette Ups, but the $5/$25 ended up paying for the third one....I bought the regular ProGlide instead of the Power since the regular has 2 cartridges and the Power, only one. Also, for some weird reason, the razors rung up as $8.79 instead of $9???

Transaction 2:

Bought 9 Gillette deodorants, $31.50
Bought 2 bags of Cheetos $1.58 (filler to use Up rewards)
Used $5/$25
Used 3 Buy2get1FREE coupons
Used 6 $2 coupons (for the ones NOT free)
Used $5 in Up rewards
=58¢ + tax ($2.93 OOP)
Got back $8 in Up rewards
Final Price: FREE!

Transaction 3:
Olay products on sale BOGO 50%off
Bought 2 Olay In-shower body lotions 15.2oz (1@ $6.99, 1@ $3.49)
Bought 2 Olay lotions (1@ $5.99, 1@ $2.99)
Subtotal $19.46
Used 2 "buy a body wash or in shower lotion, get a lotion FREE" coupons ($10.48)
Used 2 $1/1 body wash or inshower lotion coupons
Used 2 $2 Olay coupons from RA coupon booklet
new subtotal =$4.48 ***

***since I wanted to buy myself the "shake weight" (lol), I decided to buy it with this transaction so I can use the $5/$25 to pay for the rest of the Olay products, so I got those FREE....and I ended up buying the shake weight w/ Up rewards I already had, w/ my 20% discount it was $15.99. By the way.... I tried out my Shake weight last night, and it's not bad...you can feel the burn!!! hahahaha...hopefully my arms get a little toned out of this, afterall, I had to "waste" some of my UPs to buy it.


Jin said...

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Anonymous said...

Oooooh Jessica, GREAT transactions!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks Ms Benjamins, I was pretty happy with this trip...Love OLay, especially FREE Olay! hehe