Friday, November 5, 2010

New Picture People deal....6 color Sheets for $18

This new printable coupon deal is kinda like the one I told you before here, (6 sheets of your choice, one pose) only now the price is $18 now instead of $9. Believe it or not, we actually took advantage of the $9 deal, yep! the last minute, of course, we went the last day before the coupon The only thing was, we spent more than we expected! ☺ We chose the photo we wanted for the six sheets, but we liked two other poses, so we ended up buying 2 extra 10x13 size photos for $18 each...But, I think it's worth it since pictures last a lifetime, and the memories are priceless! The photo above was our main one...and the two below were the extras...I chose the black background, and Jonathan really liked the one with the grey background.

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