Friday, July 1, 2011

Dallas News: Denton lady arrested for stealing coupon inserts!

Here's another reason why I really wish TLC's Extreme Couponing never existed, It is really causing chaos everywhere, when I read this story on Yahoo, I thought about my local paper & it's missing coupon inserts lately.

A lady from Denton, Texas was arrested because she was caught stealing coupons out of a coin-operated newspaper machine, and the craziest part??? She thinks it's such a "inconvenience", Really lady??? I think it's more an inconvenience for the honest couponers going to the newspaper machines after you, trying to buy the paper "legit" and they're all gone because of people like YOU!! Ugh!! So frustrating..LOL. Oh, and she claims...."I think it's rediculous, I'm a single mom, and I do it to save money", "I've done it before", she really doesn't get that its WRONG, and AGAINST THE LAW...what a FREAK!

GO HERE to read the story, and watch a video on the newsreport.

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