Monday, July 11, 2011

Walgreens trip | 7/10/11

We went to 3 stores for this 5 of the "W" brand 6-blade razors, 10 eos shaving cream, and 2 GUM toothbrushes. Basically everything was FREE (just paid tax)....I had $1 peelies for the eos shaving cream in my coupon holder from awhile back (Jonathan found them, glad I saved 'em!). ***I don't have the receipt's on hand, so I can't do the exact breakdown***

eos shaving cream 2 for $6, get $4 (some have a bonus Soleil razor included!)

used (2) $1 peelies

Paid $4+tax, got back $4 RR

=2 for FREE!

Walgreens 6-blade razor $3.99, get back $4

(added a small filler, one folder w/ in-ad, 8/$1)

Used $4 RR from eos, paid just tax

got back $4 RR, =FREE!!

we basically did this 5 times, swapped Register Rewards (RR's)....if you're new to Walgreens: Only 1 RR will print per transaction, so in order to get different RR's , you have to do different transactions for each...also, you can't use the RR you got for one item to get another of the same exact item...which is why I used my $4 RR's from eos to pay for "W" razor, and the $4 RR from "W" razor to pay for the eos shave cream.

Since I didn't have $2 RR's to roll for the GUM toothbrushes, those were each $2, and got back $2 RR, so FREE after RR.

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