Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Easy coupon freebie: Gillette body wash

Last Sunday's P&G insert has a coupon for $4 off of any 2 Gillette bodywash....Use these @ Target to get the 8.4 oz bottles FREE!!! They are priced at $1.99 so the cashier will have to adjust the coupons down a little since they won't scan smoothly, thankfully I had no problem with my cashier!! Oh, also, at my store this size was actually not on the floor, I asked & the guy in the back room said he had lots of them in 2 different scents.....So, if you don't see them, ask!!! We ended up leaving the store with 18 bottles and just paid $3 even in tax!! cool deal!!!
***my son JJ wanted to be in the picture, I guess...he came out kinda blurry because he was moving so much!! lol


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