Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Sorry everyone!!! I've been a little M.I.A these past few days because I was out of town. I went to L.A. with my fiance and son to do a little shopping, didn't find much, but it was still nice to getaway from home and work for a while.....with that said, I'm pretty glad to be home. I got caught up on reading around several blogs & while I was gone, I missed out on an excellent freebie from Vocalpoint: A free FULL SIZED bottle of Pantene pro V nature fusion...I'm sooo sad about that, but OH well!....but, wait a minute, speaking of Pantene.... In a way I kinda got FREE Pantene, well, not really but I was pretty impressed when I noticed the Hotel we were staying at provided mini bottles of Pantene shampoo for their guests...usually, hotels have nasty shampoo & soap that dries out your hands like crazy. I know, we pretty much paid for them with the room fees, but my fiance asked for extras, so I came home with probably 10 little bottles since we stayed for a couple of days...& NOOOOO, I don't feel bad asking for extras, they have plenty and are making lots of money to buy more, so don't go all crazy on!

P.S. I didn't take that photo...I just googled the Fashion district we went to in L.A.


Maria Lopez said...

did you go to the alleys? I been wanting to go but its been years since i been there and i wonder if they still sell good stuff or just knock offs hehehe

Glad to have you back!

Jessica said...

yea, I think we went there...but, yea most stuff is still knock offs!! lol....kinda cute tho!