Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2 Easy Freebies @ CVS, all you need is your Extra Care Card!

If you have a chance, stop by CVS this week and scan your Extra Care Card at the "Coupon Center", you'll get two coupons for freebies. First one is a coupon for a FREE CVS green bag tag (reg. price $.99), and one for $1 off any Crystal Light drink mix...the single packs are 50 cents, so since the coupon has no size exclusions, you can get 2 for FREE with that coupon! ***Local readers: my mom told me Patterson Store is wiped out of the green bag tags, I went to the Turlock store on Geer & they still had some. The Crystal Light single packets are located in the refrigerated section near the bottled water.

Don't know what a green bag tag is??? Well, you attach it to a reusable bag, and each time you use it instead of their plastic bags, they'll scan your green bag tag (limit 1 time per day), and once you've used your tag 4 times, a $1 Extra Buck will print at the bottom of your receipt, I have mine attached to my keys since I ALWAYS forget my bags, so if it's something small I'm purchasing, I'll ask if I can throw the item(s) in my purse, and I still get the scan on my card.


Mrs. Ningning said...

Thanks for the heads up on the crystal light. I bought my benefiber and was walking out the door and passed by the refrigerated section and there it was. The manager let me have 2 drink mix for each coupon I got. This stuff is tasty and free :)

Jessica said...

You're welcome, Cathy! Glad you found them at your store! :)