Sunday, May 1, 2011

rite aid trip 5/1

we went to rite aid nice n early today. here is what we got

8 revlon tools =$11.76

40 buterfinger= $20

4 gilette fusion razors=39.96

8 jolly time popcorn= $2

2 dawn handsoap=$1.98

3 super polygrip=$5.49


used 8 $1 revlon peelies

used 20 $1/2 butterfinger q from tearpad i got at foodmaxx

used 4 $4 fusion q

used 8 $0.50 q for jolly time

used $0.50 q for dawn

used 3 free polygrip q

used $8 upr

total after qs=$0.70 plus tax

and got back $41 upr

so it was $33 mm. me and jessica buoght the fusion in seeperate transactions 2 with her card and 2 with mine and i know e couldve done seperate transactions so that we could use $3/$15 but we ran out of ink and couldnt print any lol owell still a mm

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