Friday, May 27, 2011

I got another BzzCampaign Invite!!!

Yayyyyy!!! I got an invite for a new BzzCampaign from BzzAgent....for Lawry's Merinades!!! I'm excited about this, and I'm sure Jonathan will be too since he like trying new recipies...I'll post my goodies as soon as they come in the mail. :)

(I got an early invite since I have high "status" on BzzAgent, I'm a "Sweet Bee" which is the highest level available)


Kendra said...

Jeeica, that is great! I joined Bzz Agent because of you, about a month ago. Can you explain how I can get my status up quicker. I am doing the surveys, bzzing about campaigns. Is there anything else to get me moving? Thanks

Kendra said...

Sorry I meant Jessica not Jeeica

Jessica said...

@ Kendra,

the best thing you could do is keep your profile updated, complete all your surveys, and make sure you complete at least 2 activities per BzzCampaign you participate in.

I happen to think that if you connect your BzzAgent account to your Facebook, and Twitter accounts, and a Blog, you'll have more access to Campaigns that maybe are only available to agents who can Buzz online and on their blogs.

Hope that Helps!

Kendra said...

Thank you for answering so quickly. I am doing all you explained, but I do not have a blog, yet. I want to get one but I am a little nervous about it.