Sunday, May 1, 2011

wags trip 5/1

after we left rite aid we went to wags which is a couple of blocks away this week there are alot of different razors for $1 or less anyway here is what we got at wags

6 right guard bw =$14.97 with bogo sale
4 fusion razors=$39.56
6 hybrid razors=$35.94
3 comfort 3 razors=17.97
6 fixodent=$23.94
9 g.u.m floss=$18

used 3 bogo right guard q=$13.47
used 4 $4 fusion q =16
used 6 $3 hybrid q=$18
used 3 $3 bic q=9
used 3 bogo fixodent q=$11.97
used 3 $3 fixodent q= $9
used $72 rr
total just tax

got back $59 rr i lost $13 in rr but i still think its a good deal for all the razors especially with fathers day next month you can mak some really cheap gift baskets for your pops or your baby daddy lol

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