Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cheap Milk @ Walgreens!!!

Update: I had Jonathan go to Walgreens for the milk & I guess the $1.99 price is regional, here it was actually $2.39....boooooo!!!! SO!, the updated price would be:
$2.39 sale price
-$.50 coupon from various inserts, or $.55 cent coupon from Tear pads.
=$1.89 or $1.84...still a good deal i suppose

Walgreens has their gallon sized containers of milk on sale this week for only $1.99ea. If you have the 50 cent coupon for milk that carries the Real California Milk logo on it, you can get a Gallon of milk for only $1.49. Or, even better, Get 2 for $2.98!!!! That's a heck of a deal on milk, especially for someone who goes through a Gallon in like 2 days (me) lol....The logo is either on the milk cap or label.

***If you don't have any of these 50cent coupons from the sunday newspaper, ask the lady at the cosmetic counter if they have any milk coupons, last time I went the Manager handed me some 55 cent milk coupons which would make it $1.44 $1.84 a gallon!!!



Maria Lopez said...

hey i think there is a printable too!

Jessica said...

Thanks! btw, Is it a higher value??

MsBuildingUpDaBenjamins said...

Ooooh Jessica, thanks for the tip! There is a pdf for Calif Milk, I'll post in the blog.