Monday, December 28, 2009

Our excellent trip to CVS today!!!

I am soooooo excited about our trip to CVS today, I just had to share with you!! Ok so, we went to CVS but since JJ (my son) was asleep, I went in alone and Jonathan stayed in the car with him... When I got in, I scanned my card and got a $5/15 coupon woo hoo!!! I was glad because I was already going to hit the $15 mark with the Contour meter alone... So, I got 1 meter, and 6 packs of Ivory soap. I threw in a pack of Charmin since it would be almost FREE with the $5/15 coupon...then, I head over to check out... The lady scanned my items and said I was at a negative balance. She called over the manager who told her how to ring up the $30 Contour meter my surprise, they deducted the $30 instead of $14.99...that's $15.01 OVERAGE!!! I was keeping a straight face, but inside I was Squealing with excitement...Ok, so then she tells me I have to find Items to bring it back over the zero balance..I told her to scan an extra pack of Charmin. Plus, she gave me back my 6 Ivory coupons, She Said "there's no need for you to use these" and my Grand total was 1 cent....yup! 1 whole cent, can u believe it???!!!??? On top of all that, I got a $5 Extra Bucks printed on my receipt for buying the Contour meter....I love it!!!!!

So, I ran (well not literally) to the car, to show Jonathan all the stuff I got for 1 penny, he was pretty glad, so he decided to go in as well.... He didn't find anything he wanted really for the $15 overage they were giving, he ended up getting a pack of Huggies and 2 Reese's candy bars...His OOP was 50 something cents...& also got $5 Extra Bucks since he used his own Extra Care card... Altogether...we paid well under a dollar for all these items, and went home with $10 in FREE Extra Bucks!!! Oh, and I ended up keeping my 6 Ivory coupons, so I have to go back for 6 more FREE packs..... Yipeeeee!!!!

How'd you do at CVS???


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Katie S said...

wow!! I need to go shopping with you some day! That's awesome