Friday, December 4, 2009

My Target Trip..... (& drama)

I went to Target today to see if I had better luck this time finding the Air Wick i-motion mini's....I DID!!! I was glad up until I was checking out. First of all, I chose a male cashier, guys are coupon friendly most of the time (LOL), so my hubby starts handing him the coupons for our items, no problem, he starts scanning away: Then, this crazy CSM lady walks by nosy as always ( she hates me & my coupons) and was asking the guy how many items I had. He replied it was one coupon per item. So we get to the $5 air wick coupons for the $4.99 mini's on sale...since the item is less than the value of the coupon, it beeps. She then butt in and was telling us, we had to come back on Sunday when these are not on sale anymore otherwise we'll get them FREE...OMG!!! My hubby said. "Well, that's the whole point! We're getting them now so they're FREE". She added: "well the coupon isn't going through so we can't take it". I then realized, it's time to whip out the coupon policy (you can print one HERE if you don't have one)... I read the statement to her that says that the coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item. She gave me the evil eye, but then adjusted the coupons down after all....hahaha! I won the battle....she hates when I do that. I'm posting today's experience so my readers can see everyone goes through drama while using coupons once in a while. I always get stories about drama and get asked "Do you ever go through this???" Yes, I do...but I think it's worth it....Here's what we got: (we got more wipes but didn't have room in the picture) By the way, sorry the pic is blurry & dark my phone cam sucks!!!

5 Air wick i-motion minis- $4.99 ea- $5 coupons =FREE! (just paid tax)

15 Up & up toddler wipes $.97 cents ea- $1 coupons= FREE! (not even tax)

But, I'm still kinda angry that she wanted to have us come back on Sunday when they'll be $7.99 and after the coupon $2.99. Now, why would I pay $3 for something I can get FREE right now!!!? Crazy woman!!! Ok, I feel better now I got this off my chest.... Have you had any Drama at Target lately???



Homemom3 said...

for the sake of another argument in this house....did you get this all in one transaction? I have 10 up and up wipes coupons and really want to do this but wanted to make sure. I also have 2 of the airwicks.

Thank you in advance.

Jessica said...

Homemom- yes, we got all of that in one transaction...eventhough the coupon says "limit one per transaction", it all depends on the cashier. I usually like to get less than that to avoid the drama, but the coupons expire today 12/5, so I wanted to use them all up! Hope that helps! =)