Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gift for couponers???

I was reading a post over at Couponing 101 about Christmas gift ideas for couponers. In her post, Ultimate Couponers Gift Guide, Stephanie states that it could be hard to shop for a couponer since everyone knows we get good deals and we would hate to get a gift from someone if they paid full price for it... That's so true!---For example: If we got one of those fancy Schick Quattro or Intuition razor gift sets, we would cringe simply because we probably all have at least 20 razors we got FREE w/ coupons a few months ago. Basically I can guarantee every couponer is already way overstocked on all of these typical health and beauty items including: shampoo, conditioner, body wash & lotions. Like my younger sister once said when she came over: "It looks like a mini mart in here". LOL....so if you're shopping for your coupon buddy, but don't want your gift to be just an addition to the already overflowing stockpile of items, be sure to stop by and read the Ultimate Couponers Gift Guide @ Couponing 101 [HERE].


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Stephanie said...

Glad you liked the gift guide! You are so right - I would totally cringe if I got a razor gift set, lol! Thankfully anyone who buys me gifts knows me well enough not to get one of those for me.

Thanks for sharing my gift guide with your readers!