Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chex Mix: Excellent snack to serve when you watch the big game!

Before I begin: I would like to apologize to you and the folks at My Get Together for not posting this sooner, I've had lots of things going on, and I've been a little MIA here on Queen of Saving Green. I also, did not find the photos I had taken during my get together, I think my son lost my memory card.

Anyway, like I told you previously, I was contacted from My Get Together to host a Get Together with my friends. I was provided with 3 packages of Chex Mix: Original, Honey Nut, and Chocolate Turtle, I also received a bowl to serve them in, napkins and plates, as well as product information and coupons to pass out to my guests. I have to say, they were all a hit! Most of my guests already knew (and loved) the Original variety, but they were glad to be able to try the other two flavors. I personally liked the Chocolate Turtle flavor the best! It's amazing how quickly you can go through 3 bags of this stuff with everyone munching on it throughout the game.
Several commented on the pleasant surprise when it came to the fact that Chex Mix has 50% less fat than potato chips! So, keep that in mind next time you're planning your very own get together, and with all the flavors available, you'll meet everyones likes. Thanks to those at My Get Together for the opportunity to try 3 flavors of Chex Mix during my party.

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